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September 18, 2016


Harsanik was started in 2007 as a basic idea to simplify the lives of soon-to-be weds and their families. It soon grew into one of the largest directories and information source that specializes in the wedding industry.

Harsanik came to us a few years ago because their outdated Joomla CMS became impossible to scale as the data and user base grew. The job was a very complex one as hundreds of thousands of lines of legacy code had to migrated into a single custom made solution that would incorporate the entire functionality of the website.

A custom, new and shiny website design was implemented at the same time.


Harsanik is built using the latest version of the Joomla Framework.

It's key features include:
  • A custom design implemented from scratch by our front-end developers team. It features a flat interface with large images that allow readers to focus on the content. The interface is optimized for mobile devices and user interaction is made seamless by various optimization techniques used across the whole website.
  • A custom tailored set of database migration scripts that allowed fully automated migrations from the legacy system to new structure as many times as it was needed, because while we were coding the old website remained live and gathered more and more data each day.
    More than 10000 individual queries have been written to allow for this database migration to happen.
  • A custom Joomla Component written from scratch that incorporated the all the functionalities of multiple well known components that exist on the market.
    Easy Blog, Mosts Tree, Ad Agency, JReviews and many other components for Joomla 1.5 have been dumped and instead of them - we've created one custom component that had all the functions of the old components and some additional tweaks to provide the client with the exact functions that he needed to run his business.
  • A custom Joomla theme developed from scratch using bootstrap, less and vanilla JavaScript.
  • Other features of the website:
    • Log-in with Facebook, perfectly integrated with Joomla
    • Instagram integration for hashtag based images in various areas of the website
    • Automated spam protection filters for the reviews and directory sections
    • Ajax driven as you type search with suggestions


Once the project was completed a huge increase in traffic was immediately seen - as well as a drastic decrease of server resources being used due to code optimization.

Six months after it went live, the redesigned Harsanik website has doubled their daily visits and gains 25% more revenue from ad placement.

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