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July 21, 2016


Platinum RX is a management platform for commission based businesses, owned by ScripCorp LLC - one of our neighboring companies from Henderson, Nevada.

For 2 years, ScripCorp LLC, the company that owns Platinum RX tried to manage the entire business - all revenue and commissions - using a huge Excel file. This file was more than 50MB, it went back and forth between people and had scripting language embedded into it for reporting.

While it did the job for 2 years, automation became a necessity when the number of transactions become increasingly large and reporting needs where more complex than excel could ever handle.

In 2015, ScripCorp's owner contacted us to help out with his management challenges by building a software that could handle all the functionalities that existed in the excel document and a smooth migration of all data. Another requirement was to add scalability to the system and to generate dynamic commission rules and custom reports.

Currently the PlatinumRX software is live and it has flourished tripling the number of distributors and transactions in only a few months.


PlatinumRX is built using the Laravel framework with some custom Artisan commands and a simple and easy to use front-end dashboard driven by Bootstrap and Highcharts JS for reporting.

It's key features include:

  • An import function for huge excel files that is developed on a multi-threaded execution flow. This feature has been implemented by Daniel G, and his approach to doing so has been featured on one of the most important web development blogs in the world - Toptal
    Click to see the article....
  • Custom reporting capabilities have been implemented for both distributors and administrators so that they can generate dynamic data and charts without any other intervention from us.
    The report generation is done through various predefined switches from which the user can change key points in MySQL queries. Reports are displayed as animated charts through the Highcharts JS library and can be exported as excel files using the Maatwebsite/Laravel-Excel php package.
  • Automated unit testing has been written for this application so that we can make sure that continuous delivery standards are met and ensure that data consistency is preserved even if updates to the app are pushed on a weekly basis.
  • Load test have also been used on this project. Because the app is a sensitive one, we've used the fzaninotto/faker to fill the database and external load testing services like to stress test the app and make sure it will resist huge amounts of data and lots of concurrent requests.
  • Core MySQL optimizations/tweaks have also been created so that we could optimize it especially for writing when 10 or even 100 distributors would upload their transactions data at once.
  • MARC Records customization using a custom build PHP library and File_MARC PEAR Package
  • Technologies used for this project

  • Server side:

    • Laravel
    • Maatwebsite/Laravel-Excel
    • fzaninotto/faker
    • mockery/mockery
    • phpunit/phpunit
    • grunt js / grunt sass / grunt uglify / grunt watch for assets management
    • git
    • travis-ci for continuous integration

    Client side:

    • jquery
    • highcharts js
    • sass/scss


Platinum RX is now live and since it's launch a few months ago, transactions count is at ~500K compared to only ~20K when it started back in 2015 and already 400 paid distributors are using the system on a daily basis (see screen for an eloquent results chart).
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