Case Studies


October 25, 2017


The Vaccine Center is a preventative health and wellness company specialized in travel medicine, student health, employee health, drug testing, STD testing, physical exams, immigration exams and laboratory services. The Vaccine Center was looking for a local software company, close to its Las Vegas locations, to optimize the day to day activity and become a paperless company. We were introduced to The Vaccine Center by a local and long term client/partner.

We started by creating a prototype that was capable to store data, manage information, and keep the information secure. We presented it to the client and they love it! One of projects was to get rid of the existing excel-based registration process and move everything online. We chose to use Microsoft Azure as the cloud infrastructure. Another challenge was to convert all client forms into online forms fillable, editable, and printable. From that point on, we continued our work with The Vaccine Center, expanding the functionality up to a full fledged... custom electronic health record (EHR) solution.


Several projects we have developed for the client over the last year:

  • Online registration, authentication, and profile management. SMS API integration for password recovery with Plivo.
  • Conversion of several complex forms into editable and printable forms: All questionnaires were built with the option to add digital signatures from both the patient and doctor. All these, including various consent forms are optimized for iPads for an easy day to day working process.
  • Management for multiple locations and multiple doctors: The client needed the option of managing their office locations, collaborators, vaccines, prescriptions, etc and we implemented a robust management system for those items.
  • Two other software packages, currently used by the clinic, are in the process of being replaced by the new system we develop. The Vaccine Center staff is amazing in providing feedback and asking for what they need in the daily work process.


After a year of continuous work on the project, lots of meetings and brainstorming, the electronic health record (EHR) solution we planned is now a system used in all three locations by thousands of people, clinic’s staff, and doctors.

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