About us

Web3Box is a US based software company with a global presence. Our office locations in the USA and Europe cover services for the entire US, targeting custom web applications, as well as web-based mobile applications. We first started building software solutions in 2005, and our good name was quick to spread around, which led to the development of numerous successful projects. We pride ourselves with establishing long-standing relationships with our customers, many of whom still choose to work with us
since our launch, in 2005.

Throughout the years we managed to attract clients and take over important long-term projects. Our rapid development is built upon several key components that describe the Web3Box team, such as trustworthiness, knowledge and time efficiency. We can now firmly argue that our successful projects are a result of effective client communication, professionalism and exceptional project management.

Our Web3Box solution is a particularly important factor that made us stand out in the competitive software market, because it reflects our vision for well-grounded management and communication systems.

George Dinca
Sorin is responsible with making sure the company’s vision for effective software solutions is embraced by all team members and subsequently put into practice for high quality development services. Over the years, Sorin has refined a vast experience both in IT management and computer programming, setting up successful software projects addressed to the highly competitive software market. He sequentially occupied Software Development and Chief Technology Officer Positions for various companies, until he established the grounds for setting up a proficient team within his own software company.
Daniel Gheorghe
Daniel is the company’s technology guru. He started off disassembling his IBM XT 286 computer, wondering what triggered the magic behind those robust pieces of equipment. Since then he has come a long way and nowadays there is not one novel piece of software or technological gadget that he cannot name or describe in excruciating detail. He is responsible for the flawlessness of the company’s final products, overseeing both research and actual product development.
Outside his fascination for technology, Daniel is a creative web designer with a sense for minimalistic and effective details. Experience-wise, Daniel brings to the table a vast background involvement, from teaching to journalism, radio production and web design, which makes him highly versatile whilst interacting with clients. He has a BA in English and outside of work he is a dedicated husband and father of two.
Ioana Dinca
Ioana is experienced in account management and business strategy development. She is a trend watcher who makes certain that the company’s products remain a competitive threat on the market. Novel improvements and development strategies are always on her mind, whilst keeping an eye on competitors’ products. Ioana has a BEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and is often actively involved in charity projects related to children, education and health.
Still, there is more to Ioana than just engineering and management. Ask her everything from Chanel’s early plumed hats to the haute couture pieces at this year’s fashion week in Milan and she will give you more details than you would expect.
Cosmin S.
Cosmin is our most experienced web developer. Nothing stands in his way and if by some miracle he does find things he doesn't already know - he's the fastest learner our team has ever had. Cosmin has a BEng in Electrical Engineering and a passion for technology. Throughout his professional development, Cosmin worked as a Web programmer for the local telecommunications company, and subsequently undertook freelance web development. In 2011 he joined Web3Box and we've been coding together since then.
Ovidiu A.
Ovidiu is a highly knowledgeable asset to the company. He has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and extensive experience in software and database development. Ovidiu is responsible for the unblemished character of the company’s products, drawing up product blueprints and being proficient in several programming languages, probably more than what the average person can actually name. Prior to his employment at Web3Box, Ovidiu occupied Software Development positions within various companies.
Raducu M.
Raducu, as everyone calls him, is one of the “brains” of the company. Raducu has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and he discovered early on that writing well-factored and clean code was a child’s play for him, and started learning increasingly more, finding his way around difficult problems that may hamper any professional with decades of experience. Outside of the office Raducu is a thoroughly detail-oriented and organized individual, he is the alternative metal type embracing the music of Norwegian bands such as Dimmu Borgir.
Gabriel Z.
Gabi is a proficient web developer with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, responsible with writing custom scripts to accommodate the requirements set up by clients and supervisors. His previous employment as a computer science teacher has brought relevant expertise to the team, including deep understanding of a wide range of programming languages (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript). Gabi is thought to be the fun guy around the office. But since there is usually more to a person than just his daily work, Gabi is also an award winning script writer, being granted a Best Script award at the HBO and Transylvania International Film Festival, 2005 script contest for his short film "The early bird dies by the sword".
Abhay M.
Abhay is an important asset to the web development team. A graduate in Computer Science that didn't stop learning after graduation subsequently acquiring valuable theoretical and practical experience. He graduated from the Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology in Gorakhpur, India and worked as a programmer with local branch of Italian Corporation ASO Group.
Catalina A.
Catalina is our trusted content writer. After graduating with a degree in Administrative Science and dipping her toe in the world of art, she decided to put aside the paints and canvas and use her previously acquired knowledge of the English language. Thus, she started working as a transcriptionist for various companies before establishing herself in our team.
Adrian D.
After graduating from Computer Science, Adrian continued his professional growth by taking various courses specialized on Web Development. Last year, he joined Web3Box as a junior developer and he now completes our list of professionals after proving himself as a trustworthy and capable memeber of our team.
Razvan T.
Razvan is our youngest talent. After a few years working in digital media advertising he switched gears and started learning web development technologies. He is a fast learner and we're confident that within a year he will be able to take on the most difficult projects at Web3Box.
Ionut C.
Ionut codes PHP since 2009 and he's been creating large scale projects that include Learning Managements Systems and Digital Stores all by himself. With a BS in Computer Science, Ionut has the background and expertise to take on any kind of coding challange.
Cosmin B.
Cosmin is our Linux Systems Engineer. While monitoring traffic packets and configuring firewalls, Cosmin is also a great front-end coder and designer. He started out with networking when he was very young being one of the people who managed the entire network infrastructure for a local internet provider. Since then he transitioned to web hosting and runs his own servers while managing everything from networking related issues to MySQL optimizations and server management automation.
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