Web3Box to build software for the auto industry

In 2017, Web3Box began a partnership with Quotible, a software company that helps dealerships communicate better by creating connections with their customers.
Web3Box developed the main Quotible functionality and continue to expand the software functionality for many years to come. Quotible main advantages are: helps dealerships to build powerful quotes faster, get real-time notifications, prepare custom-branded templates, view in-depth reporting and buyers insights, and many more.


Acadaware Curriculum Management Module

Web3Box continues the development on the Acadaware platform with a new module that will Tracks and relates Universities, department, and course objectives to the accreditation expectations. Some of the features included into the development plans are: tracks teaching methods, hours, and instructors; provides the ability to handle multiple CAPTE evaluative criteria; links course information to clinical education; the Standard 7D's can be attached to the "Course Objectives" and "Learning Experiences" that are linked to the "Course Master", and more


Launch Simplifies Client Acquisition & Retention for Independent Stylists

Created to put the marketing and management power in the hands of stylists of all types, a newly-launched app cuts to the chase. Targeted to beauty professionals that work independently in salons, the Ring My Stylist app does just that. Native apps for iOS and Android


Web3Box releases the Carmen's Beauty Supply mobile app

Web3Box Software released the Carmen's Beauty Supply mobile app for both iOS and Android. The app is available for mobiles and tablets.
The mobile app we created for Carmen's Beauty Supply is an online ordering system that will help the company speed the ordering and delivery process, and to expand their activity.
Carmen's Beauty Supply provides products, support, and ongoing training to licensed cosmetologists and aesthetician in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are a licensed cosmetologist or aesthetician, check out the app at and send over any feedback!


It's Here: Ring My Stylist, A Brand New Website!

We are proud to announce the release of the newly designed RMS website.

The main goal was to give the website a new, simple yet shiny image considering its focus is on professionals in the beauty industry. This presentation website is built for lightning-fast load times while its content covers both company markets - clients and stylists.


Web3box is part of the Ring My Stylist success!

Web3Box offers consulting and application architecture for Ring My Stylists mobile app.

We were hired to put together the architecture for RMS mobile app. Our experts handle the entire project such us consultancy, project architecture, backend development, and mobile iOS and Android development.

We are delighted to be involved in this new mobile development idea, and we are excited to be part of the success for Ring My Stylist business!


Web3Box to build new ordering system for new partner in the hair care industry

Web3Box begins partnership with Carmen's Beauty Supply, a company that provides licensed cosmetologists and estheticians with premium all-natural, Spanish, Italian, Peruvian, and Swiss hair care products.

Web3Box will develop a portal for Carmen's distributors network. The portal will serve as an online ordering system, handling the customers, products, inventory, and orders.


There's nothing that regex can't resolve

Web3Box is currently working on a custom web application for a health industry company in which it will make use of the HL7 Standard.

The HL7 Standard is a set of frameworks for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information. HL7 defines how information is packaged and communicated from one party to another, setting the language, structure and data types required for seamless integration between systems.

Daniel G, CTO at Web3Box has finalized the core skeleton of a PHP package that facilitates the creation and retrieval of HL7 based messages. The package will eventually be open-sourced by Web3Box to allow other to take advantage of the code and improve the code by extending its capabilities. "There's nothing that regex can't resolve", Daniel G stated when asked about his custom implementation.


W3BCRM has a new feature available for your clients!

You consistently fulfill client needs and possibly even exceeded their expectations. Client Access offers another way to do just that. It helps maintain a transparent relationship and boosts your clients confidence in your ability to deliver what they need.

Client Access allows the Client to login into W3BCRM and visualize progress for a particular project or task. Client Access will simplify communication, it will encourage your staff and reassure clients that projects and tasks are on the right course allowing them to directly interact with the team.



Web3Box CEO George Dinca attended SPLASH! 2016. SPLASH is a new event in the car wash industry that promises to deliver more than any other previous events hosted by the International Carwash Association and Western Carwash Association.

At the show, our long lasting partner Qualchem, LLC announced the launch of their mobile iPhone application, a free online ordering system for Qualchem's partners. The new application, that we've developed for QualChem, is available in the App Store and it features a new, secure and fast ordering system.


Web3Box CEO George Dinca joins Acadaware at ELC2016

Web3Box CEO George Dinca attended the ELC2016 conference, together with our long lasting partner Acadaware, LTD. During this years "Education Leadership Conference", George and our partners presented the "Acadaware Complete Package" - a set of software modules designed to automate every aspect of Physical Therapy Education. Congrats to Jim and Debbi, our friends at Acadaware!

OCTOBER 9th - Phoenix, Arizona


Qual Chem eCommerce Mobile App

Qual Chem hired Web3Box to develop the eCommerce Mobile App for their distributors. We've developed the platform back in 2015 and we're now expanding it to run natively as an iOS app. After the iOS app launch we will also develop an Android app to be distributed via Google Play. Our approach on this will be a unique mix of Angular JS and native Swift and Java code. Both apps will be a great enhancement for the Qual Chem distributors portal.


Web3box signs Dementiacarecentral

Our long standing partner "American Eldercare Association" has asked us to help them with a new project. They recently purchased from a non profit organization and they are planning to revamp the website and migrate it from drupal 6 to a brand new wordpress website.


Acadaware email campaigns going out

Acadaware LLC has been working on their portal with us for more than 5 years now. The software has reached maturity so we are now kicking off the marketing efforts for making the software noticed through a series of email campaigns targeting different education institutions from the health care industry.


Mobile W3B Time keeping app

CRM provider W3B just released their mobile time keeping app. We've built this module into their mobile CRM in order to allow their employees to add time keeping data (punch in / punch out) into the CRM for easy tracking and management for working hours.


SMS-INC new data cards module ready for release

Inside our long-term project of redesigning the entire website - a large development effort was focused on the data-cards search plugin. We've finalized the beta version of this new slick plugin for wordpress which will bring their research data closer to the customers.

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