Case Study - Quotible: Custom Lead Response Software

Quotible: Revolutionizing Lead Response with Custom Software Solutions

Las Vegas, NV
Quote Builder, Real-time Notification, CRM Integrations, Chrome Extension


In the competitive realm of lead response software, Quotible Inc. stands out as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Their journey, marked by a collaboration with Web3Box Software LLC, showcases a remarkable transformation through custom software development. This case study delves into how Web3Box Software, with its technological prowess and client-focused approach, helped Quotible Inc. to reshape the landscape of lead response mechanisms for dealerships.

The Story:

In 2016, Quotible Inc. approached Web3Box Software LLC with a visionary idea: creating a lead response software to give dealerships a competitive edge. They needed a software company adeptly utilizing the latest technologies to build a custom solution. It matched needs and expertise perfectly when Quotible Inc. partnered with Web3Box Software.

Key Development Features:

Web3Box Software dedicated a skilled team to this project, including a senior front-end developer, a senior back-end developer, a database engineer, a security expert, and a project manager. Over two years of intensive development, this team worked tirelessly, brimming with innovative ideas and solutions, facilitating Quotible Inc.'s entry into the market.

What We Developed for the Client:

The first version of the software was launched in 2018, marking a significant milestone in this collaboration. Since then, Web3Box Software has continuously enhanced Quotible's software features and supported their growth. Quotible's software now boasts:

  1. A Quote Builder: A robust tool for preparing and sending quotes efficiently.
  2. Real-time Notification: Initially using Twilio and now BandWidth for SMS management.
  3. Automation: Streamlining the lead response process for dealers, delivering responses in mere seconds.
  4. CRM Integrations: Seamlessly connected with Vin Solutions, DealerSocket, DriveCentric, Momentum, eLead, and Reynolds & Reynolds.
  5. Chrome Extension: An innovative tool for easy lead information transfer from the CRM to Quotible.
  6. API Integrations include Momentum API, VinSolutions API, and others for comprehensive data management.

Technologies Used:

The front-end of the Quotible software was meticulously crafted using Angular, while the backend and API were developed with Laravel. MySQL was chosen for the database, ensuring robust and scalable data management. This combination of technologies underscores Web3Box Software's commitment to using cutting-edge tools for optimal results.


The collaboration between Quotible Inc. and Web3Box Software LLC is a testament to the power of innovative thinking and technical expertise in creating software solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. Quotible's lead response software, with its unique blend of features and integrations, has set new standards in the industry, proving that any vision can be turned into reality with the right partnership.

Technologies Used:

  • Laravel
  • Twilio API
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Angular
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

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